Dave Innis

Published August 5, 2014

I have been fortunate enough to have met many people who have looked towards getting started with Crossfit. I got introduced into Crossfit after I already knew strength training was my passion. What I discovered is that Crossfit has allowed me to keep consistently training and having fun!.

My first passion was Powerlifting where I competed in a lot of high level national/international meets. In college I competed in Track and Field and competed in many Regional events and Championships.

It wasnt until after college where I discovered Crossfit. The first workout of doing Fran and having only 95lbs make me want to crawl made me want to come back!

Fast foward 5+ years and I have come full circle. What I enjoy most is helping people discover how fun working out and lifting really is!

I hope I will have the chance to help you out as well in the future!

- Dave Innis

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