Jeanne Arricale

Published August 7, 2014

My life changed the first session I had with Dave Innis; Dave is an incredible trainer and person, his enthusiasm, positive attitude, work ethic, and dedication is amazing.  He has been my trainer for about a year and half and the results are beyond anything I expected.  I am in better physical condition than at any time in my life! 

I went from going to the gym once a week (or not at all) to six times a week and that is only because of Dave; his knowledge, encouragement, praise, humor and most important, the love of what he does, creates an atmosphere that motivates you to push yourself to the maximum extent possible.  I look forward to each session with Dave and cannot wait to find out what we are doing next.  He makes working out a blast! 


Training with Dave has made me feel good about myself and I now have confidence in all aspects of my life, and I will continue to train with Dave as long as he is a trainer! 

Of the fun things that happened at Fit Results is that instead of eating candy on Easter morning like I had done every year of my life; I went to the gym with about 8 others and we pushed the Prowler and flipped a 200lb tire for 30 minutes… it doesn’t’ get better than that!

Jeanne Arricale

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