Published August 7, 2014

Hey Dave,

Just want to say I’m really enjoying the crossfit program at Billerica Crossfit.  The facility is great – I love that we have high quality new stuff, from bars to racks to bumpers. The best part of your program are the coaches, including yourself.  You      guys do a great job!  Some of the workouts are very intense, and there is NO WAY I would be able to push myself that hard without their encouragement. They know what they are doing, and are fantastic people.  I haven’t had workouts this high in intensity      since college days.

There is great community vibe here too.  The same people show up to classes, we make friends, get inspired, get challenged, and have fun. I love coming to classes, and often look forward to them all day.

There have certainly been results since I started 6 months ago. Before I would struggle with pullups, now I did 100 the other week.  My deadlift is up at least 60 lbs.  My explosive power has grown dramatically, as I can tell by my cleans and snatches.  My stamina certainly improved.  I’m told my posture has improved.  I certainly look better with my shirt off.  The list goes on and on, and I see similar changes in people that consistently have been showing up.

Unlike many other crossfit gyms, this gym is also not overpriced – it’s half the price of popular crossfit gyms within Boston.  For the money, there isn’t a crossfit gym around that can offer nearly the same level of coaching and dedication that you get at      Billerica Crossfit.  I very much appreciate that this gym makes the benefits of crossfit affordable.

Thanks for the fantastic coaching!

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