Billerica Crossfit - 190608 Saturday

Published June 7, 2019

Billerica Crossfit - 190608 Saturday

8am and 9am Class

Partner WOD




Round 1: for time

500m row combined time

Rest 2 min


Round 2: 5 min

Accumulate as much weight as possible using any Crossfit barbell exercise. One bar only. May use multiple exercises. Add the weight lifted for each rep. Total weight=score

one parter works at a time

Rest 2 min


Round 3: 5 min

Amrap push ups AND/OR pull-ups

one partner works at a time

Rest 2 min


Round 4: for time

1 mile run

run must be completed together


Athletes are ranked for each round and then rankings are combined for total score.


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